What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life?

by | Sep 20, 2018 | What to do in retirement

Even if you are prepared financially for life after retirement, how fully have you designed what your retirement life will be? Granted you have waited for this moment, perhaps eagerly, for all those years of your career. But have you focused time, energy and attention to creating your own personal version of what to do in retirement?

Bored man on bench.After the last piece of left-over cake from your retirement party is gone…  Once you have enjoyed the glories of no more exhausting commute… And when you have gotten over the bliss of suddenly finding yourself with all the time in the world, and the giddy mischief of doing whatever you please, whenever you please, from morning to night,.. The day finally does come when all this novelty wears off. And you wake up wondering where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going to go and what you are going to do next.

When that day comes, and you look up from the 200th book you’ve read start-to-finish… or the 5th golf game you’ve played this week… or the final item on your fix-it list… The question of the rest of your life looms before you.

Been There Too

I know all this because I have been there too. My career started early and ended all too soon. But I was ready to stop, or so I told myself. I had been an academic. A thought leader. A technology pioneer. A master instructor and trainer. An instruction designer. A change-agent. My expertise was well recognized. I was a well-received speaker. Text-book publishers sought me out with offers, as did managers of major industries like Amoco and GE when they needed their employees to master current technology skills.

And then, suddenly, I was done with all that. And the story of my career slipped into past tense.

Glad for the freedom to do so, I attended a conference in Jacksonville, Florida, in my area of expertise—learning and cognitive development, It was there that I had my “moment of truth.”

Coming next: Uncharted Territory.