What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life?

Even if you are prepared financially for life after retirement, how fully have you designed what your retirement life will be? Granted you have waited for this moment, perhaps eagerly, for all those years of your career. But have you focused time, energy and attention to creating your own personal version of what to do in retirement?

Is Retirement Not All You Had Hoped It Would Be?

Despite a desire to get retirement right, do you now find yourself teetering on a high wire of newfound freedom and uncertainty? If this liberation is what you have waited for all these years, then why does retirement life already feel so lifeless? Unlike the generations that came before us, we Baby Boomers have 20 – 30 years of life ahead of us. And the path from from long-term, highly involved, career to the “What to do in retirement” –- is not immediately obvious.

Facing Retirement Without Savings

How and why are too many Boomers finding themselves at the critical crossroads of many years ahead with little or no financial resources? Did you fail to establish a sound financial retirement plan early on? Were you too busy establishing your career? Did the euphoria of consumerism consume you?” Did some unanticipated and unavoidable financial crisis arise, draining your financial resources? Did raising a family, college costs, parental sickness, a divorce, or some natural disaster sabotage your long-term financial plans? Regardless of why, here you are. That was then; this is now. Your current reality presents a sober wake-up call. Take heart. Breathe. And let’s look at options.