Our Approach

Our vision is that all retiring Boomers have the joy of a retirement life and work that is engaging, purposeful, fulfilling and fun. We are true believers in the value of what retiring Boomers can continue to contribute, and the meaning these contributions will make to their next chapter of life.

We came to this place as retiring boomers ourselves. And we are not done yet! Now we share our unique process to design the best possible next life after retirement, based fully on your own personal qualities. Others are interested in guiding Boomers, especially in their financial planning for retirement.

We are intent on guiding Boomers to invent for themselves a retirement that is nothing like their parents’ or grandparents’. And we have the tools to walk them through, step-by-step this all-essential life and work design process.

Our Story

We are graduate school roommates, who dared to earn our doctorates at age 53. By the time we graduated, we both had been widowed. We continued on in our demanding professional careers, while adding regular and passionate world travel, frequently as travel partners, to the mix. And we looked ahead to our own retirements with a vision of writing together.

Our first joint book was published in 2013, winner of the Silver Nautilus Award and the Foreward’s Silver Book of the Year Award, and selling 4000+ copies. This book, Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement, was our gift to others like us… retiring Boomers who wanted more life, and possibly more but different work, to keep them relevant and engaged for the upcoming 30 years of their post-retirement life.

Our passion for this widely significant, as well as personally critical, topic led to a first book, then a second, and now a second edition of the first. There is so much to talk about on this topic. We invite you to become part of the conversation, the life-invention, avid learning and the pursuit of engagement and meaning, now as you retire and for the decades to come.

Meet the Team

Our business started with Carolee and Marie, also known as Dr. Carolee Duckworth and Dr. Marie Langworthy. Let us introduce ourselves.

Carolee Duckworth–Co-author & Blogger

Dr. Carolee Duckworth spent her long career creating programs to empower people to become their own more complete and fulfilled selves. To this end, she co-created the Center for Adult Re-employment (winner of the Common Cause Award), serving displaced workers, displaced homemakers, and 55+ career changers, stimulating their mental capabilities to prepare them to select and enter new careers. She designed courses and programs for technical colleges and industries to increase critical thinking and technology skills, and launched www.College-Online.com (as part of Greenville Technical College in SC to increase access for students of all ages and life situations, enabling them to enhance their skills and advance their careers “any time, any place, any person, any pace.”

Since she retired and “shifted gears” herself, Carolee has focused on writing books, articles, and courses to empower individuals of all ages to reach for their dreams. In addition to Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement, she has co-authored, with Brian Lane, the Your Great Trip series, starting with Your Great Trip to France.

Marie Langworthy–Co-author & Editor

Dr. Marie Langworthy, after retiring from 25 years as an educator and administrator, spent a few years supervising student teachers and teaching basic technology skills to the adult community. She continues to enjoy her retirement career as author and editor, and has co-authored two titles (with Carolee Duckworth), Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement, and Shifting Gears to Your Career Working Online. She is currently working on a series (with Carolee Duckworth): Changing Careers at 40, Changing Careers at 50 and Changing Careers at 60. She specializes in writing copy for website designer/developers and owners.

Marie is active with Soroptimists International, a volunteer organization whose mission is to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world. Her leisure pursuits are travel, the theatre, fishing, binging on movies and tv series, and attempting to improve her skill at solving crossword puzzles!

Next Steps…

Please join us in the pursuit of happy retirement life and work, but suited to your own unique personhood. Read our book, starting with a free copy of Chapter 5: Rediscover YourSELF. We’d be happy to send you the link so you can get started on your own quest.